Guide For ICFC Project Partners ("Agents")

Agency relationship
Project Agreements
Project Budgets with multiple funders
Flexibility in Work Plan
Progress Reports and Final Reports

Expense Reports
Appendix A: Expense Cover Page
Appendix B: Expense Categories for expense reports

Download our project report template:
Year-end Report Template (Word doc) (Pdf)
Mid-year Report Template (Word doc)   (Pdf)


Independent contractor (or agency) relationship


ICFC partners with other NGOs and individuals in carrying out its international conservation work. This relationship is not one of a donor or granting organization and recipient group. ICFC is involved in planning, managing and overseeing each project (in proportion to our financial contribution to the project).

Project Agreements

Project agreements between ICFC and our local project partners (field partner)are legally binding contracts setting out the details of conservation projects to be carried out by project partners on behalf of ICFC. Agreements are created in consultation with project partners and are specific to each project.

They include:

  • Goal and objectives (with indicators of success, where applicable)
  • Timeframe
  • Schedule of reporting (progress reports at 6-month interval or less; final report)
  • Schedule of payments (Currency is generally that preferred by the field partner)
  • Background
  • Information on project personnel
  • Work Plan (which may include time frame for various components)
  • Budget

Project budgets with multiple funders

When there are multiple funders, our policy is to publicly state the portion of the total budget contributed by ICFC and who the other funders are. Therefore, project budgets should be organized in columns for different funders so that we can see where our share is going in relation to the total project funding.

Flexibility in Work Plan

During the course of a project, priorities can shift or the situation can change in regard to carrying out planned activities. ICFC's policy is to remain flexible and adjust work plans as needed to best achieve the project goal. Such changes must be discussed between the project partner and ICFC. Please inform ICFC promptly of any developments that make it necessary or desirable to significantly alter the work plan. Please also advise us of significant changes to personnel or budgeted expenses.

Progress and Final Reports

We now have slightly different templates for mid-year report and year-end:

Deadlines: Due dates for progress and final reports are specified in the agency agreement. Reports may be submitted a week or two early, and this may speed cash transfer. We'll let you know whom to submit reports to. Please let us know if a report will be late, and at minimum provide a brief email project update by the deadline.

Please alert us without delay to any changes that significantly affect the project (i.e. do not wait until the next written report).

Photos: Photos related to a project are very helpful to us and encourage donor support for a project. We will assume that photos shared with ICFC may be used by us in our website and annual report, etc. (please let us know if that's not the case). We will credit photos to your organization and can also credit the photographer if you provide the name. We may request high resolution images of certain photos to use in printed publications.

Additional Updates: We welcome communications from project partners between scheduled reports. We are happy to meet via Skype when there are issues to discuss. If something unexpected arises that significantly impacts the project, please let us know promptly rather than waiting until the next reporting deadline.

E-mail tip: It is helpful for email "Subject" headers to indicate clearly what the message is about. Examples: "comments on 2nd progress report"; "question on budget item". Please update the Subject header when a back-and-forth conversation changes topic.


ICFC and our Agent should each acknowledge the other in any publications or promotional materials concerning the project. This includes reports, magazine and newspaper articles, peer-reviewed journal publications, web pages, and press releases. Feel free to use our logo (obtainable here) where appropriate (signage, website, reports, etc.).


We will notify you when we are about to send you a wire payment, and we'll email you wire transfer documentation as soon as we have it.

Recipients in Brazil: You must be able to submit the necessary paperwork to your local bank branch within two days of our initiating a wire transfer of funds from Canada. We will therefore confer with you about the timing of wire transfers.

Expense reports

Expense reports should be emailed to Laurie at and copied to Tom at

Your expense report should include an Expense Report Cover Page (Appendix A), which you update with each expense report. If you don't have one, please download it here. The cover page summarizes what funds were carried forward, sent and received, and the total expenses included in this report.

Please use our expense codes: Appendix B and here as Word doc and here as pdf). You can add categories if needed.

IMPORTANT: Please give expenses for the period following your last expense report (rather than for the whole year, for example, when you submitted a report mid-year).

Receipts should be available for us to view at our request. (Please make reasonable efforts to obtain receipts, but we understand that for some minor expenditures it may not be possible.) With the purchase of any equipment, vehicle, boat, building structure, etc. costing over US$500, please send a photographic image of the item with the expense report or after purchase.

Appendix A: Expense Cover Page

You can download this here. The page makes automatic calculations with the figures you enter.

Appendix B: Expense Categories for Expense Reports

Code Expense Category
6-1100 Accounting Fees
6-1120 Message Promotion & Advertising
6-1140 Bank - Fees
6-1200 Cleaning & Cleaning Supplies
6-1240 Capital Items - Vehicles, etc.
6-1260 Committees & Local Meetings
6-1280 Communications Equipment
6-1300 Computer Expenses
6-1320 Conferences & Training
6-1340 Consultants & Subcontractors
6-1360 Courier & Postage
6-1400 Dues / Fees / Licenses
6-1420 Field Construction
6-1425 Field Control of Invasives
6-1430 Field Education Programs
6-1440 General Supplies & administrative costs (miscellaneous)
6-1460 Insurance
6-1520 Land Purchase Expense
6-1540 Legal
6-1560 Office Supplies
6-1600 Salaries & Wages
6-1620 Employee Benefits
6-4000 Rent
6-4010 Repair & Maintenance - Office & Field Stations
6-4030 Repair & Maintenance - Property & Equipment
6-4040 Security & Boundary Enforcement
6-4050 Special Village Projects
6-4060 Tools & Equipment
6-5010 Travel: Airfare
6-5020 Travel: Boat
6-5030 Travel: Fuel - Vehicles & Boats
6-5040 Travel: Local Field Transportation & Air Taxi
6-5050 Travel;: Meals & Lodging
6-5055 Travel;: Parking / Tolls
6-5060 Travel: Vehicles / Horses / Other
6-5065 Travel: Other (e.g. meds, insect repellant)
6-6010 Utilities: Heating / Cooling
6-6020 Utilities: Power
6-6030 Utilities: Telephone & Internet
6-6040 Utilities: Water

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