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  • Bryan Adkins, MREM (UN Environment Programme)
  • Jedediah Brodie, PhD (University of Montana, Massoula)
  • Michael de Pencier, MA, LLD, CM, O.ONT (Investeco Capital Corp.; Chairman, Key Publishers Company)
  • Adrian Forsyth, PhD (President, Amazon Conservation Association; Executive Dir., Andean Amazon Fund)
  • Daniel H. Janzen, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
  • The Hon. Roy MacLaren, PC
  • Stuart Pimm, PhD (Duke University)
  • Robert Pringle, PhD (Princeton University)

ICFC Field Partners


Hari Balasubramanian, MSc


Hari has worked for over 15 years in international conservation and development with a core expertise in creating and communicating the business value of sustainability solutions. Starting with coastal and marine projects in Portugal, Barbados, Malaysia, the Maldives and Cuba, he later led the monitoring and evaluation function at Conservation International where he oversaw over 150 projects in 45 countries around the world. In 2012, he founded EcoAdvisors, a consulting firm that sources and oversees enduring sustainability solutions with funding from philanthropy, corporate operations, government, and private investment. To date, EcoAdvisors has engaged in over 300 large-scale projects and influenced over U$2B in sustainability capital.  Hari is also the co-founder of EcoInvestors Capital, a global investment firm focused exclusively on achieving the environmental related SDGs through investments that generate competitive returns using flexible, private capital. Hari lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Michael Bradstreet, CM


Michael is a biologist who spent 14 years working across the Arctic from Greenland to the Beaufort Sea.  He then became Executive Director and then President of Long Point Bird Observatory and Bird Studies Canada until 2004 when he moved to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, eventually becoming Senior Vice President, Conservation.  He retired in 2020.  Michael has served on the boards of provincial, national, and international conservation organisations, including BirdLife International. He lives in Vittoria, Ontario, with his wife Lynne in a restored 1850s home.

Claude Gascon, PhD


Claude is Program Manager at the World Bank's Global Environment Facility, which awards about $1B per year to environmental and conservation projects in over 140 countries. Claude was Chief Science Officer and Executive Vice-President at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, 2010-2015. He was with Conservation International from 1999 to 2010, most recently as Executive Vice-President for Field Programs. Claude serves as co-chair of the Amphibian Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission at IUCN. He is a visiting professor with the department of ecology at the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia (National Amazon Research Institute) and a research associate at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. Along with Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, Claude was awarded the prestigious Order of the Golden Ark by His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands for his outstanding contributions to nature conservation. A Canadian, Claude started his professional career in the Brazilian Amazon as project director and scientific coordinator for the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project. His research has resulted in more than 70 publications and three books.

Anne Lambert

Founding Director & staff member

Anne works full-time at ICFC in programs and communications. Anne has a degree in wildlife biology from the University of Guelph and worked as a biologist at Long Point Bird Observatory and at the Wildlife Research section of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources before starting a business (Science Connection) in 1991. She is a Technical Advisor to the Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund and is in the Canadian Delegation to the Subsidiary Body on Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Anne and Tom live in Chester, Nova Scotia and founded ICFC in 2007.

John McWilliams, QC


John has over 30 years experience in the international oil and gas business and recently retired as Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Nexen Inc. He is counsel to Fraser, Milner, Casgrain LLP. John has played a leadership role in governance, ethics and corporate responsibility, including the development of the International Code of Ethics for Canadian Business, a portion of which, human rights, was adopted by the United Nations Global Compact. He is Board Chair of the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts, a former Director of Transparency International Canada, former President of the Canadian Petroleum Law Foundation, Founding Director of Bank West, and winner of the 2006 Canadian General Counsel Award for Corporate Governance.

James (Jason) Stewart


Jason is the former president of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Canada) which supports conservation and community development work in East Africa, and is a former president of a major Canadian health research foundation. Jason has been extensively involved in fundraising and other volunteer work for charities since the late 1980s, with a particular focus upon conservation causes for over a decade now. He is a board member of Earth Rangers and of The Youssef-Warren Foundation, and co-chairs the Couchiching Conservancy’s Advisory Council. In business, Jason has worked in financial markets, policy and regulation for more than 35 years. Most recently, Jason’s research and advisory work have focused upon behavioural economics, applying its insights to financial markets, regulation, skilled labour markets, and philanthropy.

Tom Welch

CFO and Founding Director

Tom holds degrees from Queen's University and the University of Windsor, has founded and run several small businesses (most recently Trumps Fish Ltd.). Tom serves as ICFC's chief financial officer.  Outside of ICFC, he is involved in private equity, specializing in green technologies. He recently served on the Board of the Ecology Action Centre.


Molly Bartlett, MSc, JD

Executive Director

Molly has a Biology degree from Queen’s University, a Masters degree in biology from University of Ottawa and a law degree with a focus on environmental and international law from Boston College Law School. From 2007-2016,  she worked at the Clinton Foundation to develop avoided deforestation, reforestation and landscape restoration projects for climate resilience and biodiversity conservation in East Africa.  That meant working closely with national governments, communities and local NGOs to develop planning capability and projects that demonstrate forests can be restored and conserved in a way that also creates local benefits. ICFC welcomed Molly as our Executive Director in January 2017.

Andre Boraks, PhD

Program Officer

Andre is a program officer at ICFC, with areas of expertise in mycology, botany, and ecology. Before joining ICFC in September 2021, he perused his graduate studies in botany where he gained an appreciation for island ecology. Island biogeographic theory is an important tool that we can use to inform us in this era of accelerated biodiversity loss.

Andre holds a Ph.D. in Botany (University of Hawai‘i), a M.Sc. degree in Plant Science (University of New Hampshire), and a B.Sc. in Biology (University of Guelph). He has substantial field experience in North American and tropical Pacific forests. His interests are primarily arboreal, having a keen sense to see the forest for the trees.

Carlos R. Garcia, MFC

Senior Program Director

Carlos is a conservationist with over 15 years of professional experience in Canada and Latin America. His conservation and research work has focused on the effective implementation of evidence-based conservation strategies to protect and maintain biodiversity and ecological processes of ecosystems, as well as the meaningful inclusion of traditional knowledge into Western approaches. In addition, he has taught university field-based courses and led backcountry expeditions in: Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, and the U.S.  He holds a Master's degree in Forest Conservation (University of Toronto), and Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies (York University).

Laurie Havinga


Laurie maintains our complex financial records in good order and keeps other aspects of our administration running smoothly. Laurie started her career with 10 years in the hospitality industry and for the last 21 years has run a bookkeeping & consulting business. During this time, she owned and operated 3 gyms, while serving clients in various business sectors, including not-for-profit. She bugs ICFC colleagues to keep things organized.

Scott Hecker, MSc

Director of Bird Conservation

Scott leads ICFC's Shorebird Conservation Initiative and other projects for which birds are a key focus.  Scott has devoted his career to coastal bird conservation, while also conducting lectures nationwide, publishing research papers and guidance manuals, leading professional workshops, and appearing as an expert witness in legal hearings. Notably, Scott led Piping Plover recovery efforts for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, which saw the state's population of this threatened species increase from 126 pairs in 1987 to 530 pairs in 2002. He then expanded his efforts to protect terns and shorebirds as the Director of Coastal Bird Conservation at the National Audubon Society. In 2008 he co-founded Conservian Inc., where he consults on coastal conservation in the Gulf of Mexico. Scott completed his Master's work in Belize, and has traveled extensively in Latin America and the Caribbean. Scott works with Patricia Gonzalez in managing and developing ICFC's shorebird conservation efforts.

Jackie Leppard

Administrative Support

Jackie comes from a career in Purchasing and Project Management with two small-but-mighty Nova Scotian engineering/manufacturing firms. She has a B.A. in International Development Studies earned through part-time study. Recognizing the connections between local agriculture, economy, community, environment and health, she has happily given many volunteer hours as a board member and bookkeeper helping to support a local farmers’ market. For the same reasons, she has long been a volunteer distributor of fair trade olive oil from Palestine. Jackie loves her vegetable garden and the birds and insects who love it too.

Barbara Zimmerman, PhD

Kayapo Program Director and Tropical Ecologist

Barbara trained as a tropical ecologist, doing field research in the Brazilian Amazon for Master's (University of Guelph) and PhD (Florida State University) degrees on an amphibian and reptile community in terra firme forest. Since 1989 she has been working with the Kayapo Indians of Brazil's Xingu Basin to develop conservation-based economic alternatives to logging and to strengthen Kayapo capacity for territorial control so that they are able to continue to protect from deforestation 100,000 km2 of their legally ratified territories. Barbara works closely with ICFC's Kayapo NGO partners, other Brazilian NGOs and government agencies, and, of course, the Kayapo people themselves.


David Agro


David is an architect and conservationist based in Toronto. His science background  has led him to work on award-winning design projects relating to scientific and environmental research, education, and interpretation. David’s interest in tropical conservation arose from ornithological work at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The dramatic discovery of a new species of Antpitta during fieldwork in Ecuador led to the formation in 1998 of Fundación Jocotoco, of which David is a founding board member. Over the past 25 years, Jocotoco has established 16 reserves totaling over 24,000 hectares which protect some of the rarest endemic species and biodiversity hotspots in the world. Since recently stepping down as Jocotoco’s president, David has left his architecture career and joined ICFC to help with developing new programs and support for same. When he is not thinking about the tropics, David is actively engaged in conserving and restoring forest, savanna, and wetlands in the Long Point area near his home in southern Ontario.

Susan Canney, PhD

Project Leader, Mali Elephant Project

Susan Canney leads the Mali elephant project, a joint project of ICFC and WILD Foundation. Susan has been key to research and conservation of Mali's elephants since 2003. She teaches at Oxford University, where she obtained her PhD on understanding changing human land use and its impact on a protected area in Tanzania. Susan has worked on a variety of nature conservation projects in Africa, Asia and Europe, and as a research officer at the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy & Understanding (UK). She is co-founder of the Earth Systems Science Special Interest Group of the Geological Society of London and collaborates with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) based in Oxford. She has co-authored the book Conservation (2nd edition), published by Cambridge University Press in 2012.

Patricia M. Gonzalez

Shorebird Program Coordinator

Patricia Gonzalez has for 20 years coordinated conservation and research teams working to protect shorebird wintering and staging sites in Argentina and more recently in Uruguay. She advises provincial and federal governments in Argentina, and participates in cooperative work with teams in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, French Guiana, USA and Canada. She trains rangers, coordinates conservation projects and is active in public outreach, garnering much attention to shorebirds and their needs. For her pioneering work in shorebird flyway protection, in 2000 she was the first recipient of the Pablo Canevari Award for Shorebird Conservation awarded by Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. Patricia runs our project at Bahía de San Antonio, Argentina, conducts other conservation actions and, with Scott Hecker, oversees ICFC's Shorebird Conservation Initiative.

Carmen Lishman


Carmen has a dual career as conservation biologist and speech pathologist. Doing biological field research at James Bay, Carmen developed a passion for plovers which took her to the extreme south of Argentina to study a poorly understood species called the Magellanic Plover for her Master's thesis. Once setting foot in Latin America it was hard to direct her interests elsewhere as she made connections there with conservation groups throughout South America and eventually ended up working on grassroots conservation efforts for sea turtles on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Since returning to Canada in 2011 she has been working with ICFC while training and now practicing as a speech pathologist. (Here, she holds a male Long-tailed Manakin, ICFC's former logo.)

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