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General enquiries (including donation receipts):  Jackie Leppard, Administrative Support (Monday and Thursdsay): or 844-781-2129 (toll-free)

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Carlos R. Garcia, Senior Program Director:

Scott Hecker, Director, Director of Bird Conservation, including our Shorebird Initiative:

Anne Lambert, Interim Managing Director,

Barbara Zimmerman, Kayapo Program Director, Barbara Zimmerman, Kayapo Program Director,

Tom Welch, CFO & Founding Director, , 902-273-3456

ICFC Board and Staff (left to right): Scott Hecker, Director of Bird Conservation | Rob Stoner, Chairman of International Conservation Fund | Carlos R. Garcia, Director of Latin American Programs | Molly Bartlett, Executive Director | Sarah Jackson, Board | Tom Welch, CFO and Co-founder | Laurie Havinga, Administrator | Jason Stewart, Board | Anne Lambert, Founding Director | Claude Gascon, Board | Barbara Zimmerman, KayapĆ³ Program Director | John McWilliams, Board Chair | Roy B.H. Smith, member. Absent were: Jackie Leppard, Administrative Assistant, Board member Hari Balasubramanian, and members Erica Nol and Michael de Pencier

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