Our Mission

To advance the long-term preservation of nature and biodiversity in the tropics and other priority areas worldwide.

What we do

ICFC is a registered Canadian charity that since 2007 has carried out conservation work in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  ICFC partners with local conservation organizations who conduct project activities in the field and who work with ICFC to develop project plans and budgets.  They know best what needs doing and how to go about it.  We look for opportunities that represent conservation priorities1 with good value in relation to cost and risk (see our project selection criteria).

Our work is science based. We also try to base it on a sound understanding of the human element, socioeconomic and political, from local communities to the national level.

We don’t apply arbitrary criteria for the kind of projects we undertake. Conservation solutions tend to be quite site specific.  Our projects range from helping to create or expand small private reserves to large landscape-scale efforts like our Kayapo Project in the Brazilian Amazon.

ICFC’s small staff works with a sense of urgency because we can see the good we’re doing in achieving lasting conservation gains.  See our impact page for highlights.

More info: Why the tropics?

ICFC is a registered Canadian charity: # 85247 8189 RR0001
We now have a U.S. based sister organization: International Conservation Fund




1   What makes a conservation priority?  Key considerations are: vulnerability (species and ecological communities that are rare or have small ranges, as many do in the tropics); connectivity and ecologial sustainability; species richness/biodiversity; existing threats; and knowing what actions are needed and that they are feasible and cost-effective.

What sets us apart

  • Direct conservation action to protect natural ecosystems and reduce threats.
  • Staying lean and flexible: We partner with experienced non-governmental organizations based in the areas where we work,  We practice adaptive management, making changes when circumstances change, learning and sharing what we've learned as we go.
  • We involve local communities in conservation efforts.
  • Transparency: We disclose the cost of each of our programs and who our partners and co-funders are.
  • 100% of donations go to projects (overhead is covered long term by core donors).

Join us, if you:

  •     care about keeping wilderness wild, from the Amazon to the Himalayas
  •     want to prevent species extinctions, from elephants and gorillas to frogs and orchids
  •     want to see large climate co-benefits from conservation
  •     want to protect winter habitats for Canada’s migratory birds
  •     like an approach that relies on local expertise and engages local communities
Awards and recognition 

ICFC won the 2020 Nature Inspiration Award from the Canadian Museum of Nature.  ICFC was the top ranked conservation charity in Canada in the Financial Post’s 2017 charity ratings (the last done by FP).  We are rated five out of five stars by Charity Intelligence Canada and are on their list of the top hundred charities in Canada. Our Mali Elephant Project was awarded the prestigious Equator Prize in 2017 by the United Nations. Our project in Cambodia received the National Geographic Society’s Marine Protection Prize and is a Mission Blue “Hope Spot”. Project field personnel have received the Disney Conservation Hero Award (a project field manager, name withheld for safety reasons), the Whitley Award (Carlos Vasquez Almazan, Guatemala, Caleb Ofori-Boateng, Ghana, and Dominique Bikaba, DRC), and the Indianapolis Prize (Amanda Vincent, marine conservation).

Our Advantage

A core group of donors supports all administrative costs and will continue to do so as we grow.
This means that support from other donors goes entirely to programs.

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Registered Canadian charity # 85247 8189 RR0001