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    How much tropical nature will be left in 100 years?

    It depends on us.

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    Tropical ecosystems are home to a stunning array of plants and animals.

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  • Nature is most under threat in the tropics, but solutions are at hand.

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    The Kayapo are guardians of the Brazilian rainforest. We are helping them protect an area twice the size of Nova Scotia.

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    We are reducing threats to Canada's shorebirds at their winter homes in Latin America.

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    Through our Reserve Fund, we purchase land to protect species and habitats.

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    We have halted or reversed the decline of Threatened species.

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2017 Annual Report just out! ICFC is Canada's only global conservation charity.  We protect nature in the tropics and other priority areas in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Top rated by the Financial Post for accountability, transparency and efficiency, what we’re most proud of is our record of accomplishment. Read more ...

Why the tropics?   Biodiversity abounds in the tropics and this is where it is most under threat.  Tropical nature benefits the entire world by regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, and supplying fresh water, rainfall, pollinators, and much else.  Canada's migratory species depend on tropical wintering areas.

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