Dr. Adrian Forsyth

Executive Director, Andes Amazon Fund

"All Canadians, and I am one of them, have a stake in the health and diversity of our planet. ICFC is unique among Canadian [conservation organizations] in strategically targeting the most biodiverse landscapes around the world. ICFC uses measurable, time- tested methods that result in direct conservation of millions of hectares of the most critically important habitat. I can say unreservedly that if you want your conservation dollars to go efficiently and directly to where you can have a tremendously important conservation impact ICFC is the Canadian organization to support."

Michael Lang, MD, FRCPC

Assistant Clinical Professor of Community Internal Medicine, UBC; President, Dr. M. Lang & R. M. Renner Inc.

Rainforest preservation appears to be, by far, the most cost effective means to address climate change. And climate change presents a humanitarian imperative. Unimaginable human displacement and consequent disease are anticipated unless we act. ICFC is scientific, agile and efficient. It is the Canadian charity most directly impacting tropical forest preservation! I feel that donations here will make the biggest global impact. ICFC is the primary charity supported by our medical corporation.

Dr. Erica Nol

Department of Biology, Trent University

"Of all of the conservation organizations that I support, I am most confident that our donation to ICFC goes directly to finding a solution to specific problems."

Bruce Babbitt

Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, former governor of Arizona, and conservationist

"The International Conservation Fund of Canada is the most innovative and effective conservation organization at work in the Amazon Basin." 

Don Church

President and Director of Wildlands Conservation, Global Wildlife Conservation

"The ICFC team stands out in their ability to problem solve to overcome obstacles so that they can act swiftly on conservation emergencies, whilst simultaneously and efficiently conducting the due diligence necessary to manage risks."

Marcy Summers

Director, Alliance for Tompotika Conservation, which works in Sulawesi, Indonesia

"ICFC is the rare and delightful opposite of [granting agencies]--they are all about substance. ICFC has no rigid templates, for they don't need them--they know conservation, listen carefully, and ask smart questions. They're accessible, responsive, and thoughtful. Refreshingly ego-less as an organization, they care deeply about getting conservation results."

Jeff Woodman

Director and former Executive Director, Amazon Conservation Association

"ICFC apply a rigorous disciplined approach. They are a committed, thoughtful and caring organization. It's an honor to be a partner of theirs."

Enrique Ortiz

Peruvian conservationist and co-founder of the Amazon Conservation Association

"Now in a moment when many are wrongly turning their heads away from protected areas in the Amazon, ICFC stands out for its clarity of vision and consistency. Protected areas are our best insurance and there is only one chance to stand up for their long term viability and ICFC is taking it."

Adriano Jerozolimski

Manager of Associação Floresta Protegida, Brazil

"ICFC gets deeply involved with the organizations and projects they support, becoming a real partner and contributing financially and also intellectually to strengthen the conservation efforts."

Santiago Imberti

Director of Conservation, Asociación Ambiente Sur, Argentina

"[ICFC's] quick and personal approach, combined with their great flexibility when facing the always occurring changes along a project, are a refreshing [contrast to] larger and more bureaucratic funders."

Dr. Barbara Zimmerman

ICFC (formerly with Conservation International)

"ICFC made the difference between the Kayapo Indians being able to continue protecting 110,000 sq km of their forest lands in the highly threatened southeastern Amazon of Brazil and not being able to. ICFC recognized the unparalleled conservation opportunity presented by the Kayapo and moved with agility, intelligence, and trust in the experienced professionals involved with this project. I would characterize the ICFC as lean and mean and committed solely to conservation. They are unencumbered by the overdeveloped bureaucracy and politics that plague many large funding organizations and often leads to smothering of good conservation."

Dr. Susan Canney

Leader of Mali elephant project, a joint project of ICFC and WILD Foundation

"ICFC are an enlightened, results-orientated organisation, 100% committed to making a difference in the most efficient way possible. Their flexible-yet-disciplined, engaged approach has meant we have been able to achieve so much more. One example has been an ability to continue working throughout the Malian conflict and protect the elephant population despite lawlessness and an abundance of firearms."

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