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    Bolivia: land acquisition for Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve

In Brief

Conservation Value:

The Critically Endangered blue-throated macaw is found only in the Beni Savanna of Bolivia where fewer than 250 remain in the wild today.  The purchase of Esperancita Ranch to create the Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve is an important step in securing the macaw's breeding population, complementing the protection of this species at Barba Azul Reserve in the non-breeding season. The nest box program developed at this site has produced 76 blue-throated macaw fledglings (as of 2018).

Securing the most important breeding site for this Critically Endangered species found only in Bolivia is key to the long-term recovery of the species that began in 1998. We are now witnessing the achievements from twenty years of hard work.

– Rodrigo Soria, Executive Director of Asociación Armonía


Loss of habitat due to cattle ranching and incompatible burning of savanna.

Actions & Results:

ICFC contributed to the purchase of the Esperancita cattle ranch, which affords Asociación Armonía complete control of the site of its successful nest-box program for the blue-throated macaw.  The reserve was named after the late Laney Rickman of Texas, who for years raised funds to establish and run the nest box program.

The reserve will be managed to promote an increased breeding population, with additional nest boxes and habitat management to improve macaw foraging species. Armonía will establish a local education and interpretation center where school groups and Bolivians can see and learn about this rare, endemic species. 

A record number of Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw chicks fledged from nest boxes at the Laney Rickman Blue-throated Macaw Reserve in Bolivia. Twelve chicks fledged from nest boxes during the 2018-2019 breeding season. This resulted in a total of 81 juvenile Blue-throated Macaws joining the wild adults, a significant addition to a species population that is estimated not to exceed 450 individuals.

Nest boxes are enabling the blue-throated macaw population to increase.

Enjoy a gallery of photos from the NEW reserve! 


North-central Bolivia, Beni Department, 55 km south of Trinidad and east of the town of Loreto.


To protect and increase the population of the blue-throated macaw.

Project Field Partner:

Asociación Armonía


2018 land acquisition and associated costs:  $37,057 from ICFC (out of US$350,000). Other funders were the American Bird Conservancy, IUCN Netherlands and World Land Trust.

Size of Area Involved:

681 hectares

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