• Red-ruffed lemur. Photo: Fandroakando

    Madagascar: Rabondro Reserve, conserving lemurs and other threatened species

  • Panther chameleon. Photo: Fandroakando

    Madagascar: Rabondro Reserve, conserving lemurs and other threatened species

In Brief

Conservation Value:

Rabondro Reserve is expected to contain a significant store of biodiversity due to its location on Antongil Bay and proximity to Parc naturel de Makira (the largest protected area in Madagascar) and Parc nacional de Masoala. (the largest national park in Madagascar), A primate survey, funded by Global Wildlife Conservation, has been conducted in early January, 2021 in collaboration with the Association des Guides d'Andasibe, and this confirmed the reserve's importance for lemur conservation. There is potential to eventually establsh ecological connectivity with the Parc nacional de Masoala.


There are eight communities with an estimated total population of 20,000 people living around the Rabondro Reserve, which until recently has not been properly protected. The main threats to the reserve are the growing demands for land for subsistence farming (slash and burn practices for rice production), illegal logging for charcoal and precious woods (e.g., Madagascar rosewood), unsustainable collection of non-timber resources (e.g., honey, wax, tubers, bark, and medicinal plants), some artisanal mining, and poaching.

Actions & Results:

Establish a robust system of reserve management that includes four rangers who do regular patrols, the creation of interpretive trails within the reserve, engagement with local community and schools, and operating tree nurseries for forest restoration.


Antongil Bay in northeastern Madagascar


Protect Rabondro reserve and its wildlife and restore the forest in degraded areas within it.

Project Field Partner:

Fandroakando NGO


US$14,000 for the project's first three months; budget thereafter is pending.

Size of Area Involved:

3,000 hectares

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mouse lemur
white-fronted brown lemur, female
white-fronted brown lemur, male
short-legged ground roller
leaf-tailed gecko
giraffe-necked weevil


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