Reserve Fund for Land Securement


A restricted-use fund within ICFC dedicated exclusively to strategic land securement.


The Neotropics (Latin America) and other priority regions worldwide.


Opportunities to secure significant natural areas sometimes require rapid action. This fund helps enable us to seize outstanding opportunities.

Support Land Securement


Carefully!  All donations to the fund are dedicated exclusively to supporting strategic land securement (purchase price and associated acquisition costs). ICFC occasionally provides bridge finance for urgent opportunities. In allocating funds for land securement, ICFC considers:

  • The presence of threatened and endemic species and rare or threatened ecosystems;
  • The prospects for the area to maintain ecological integrity long term;
  • Satisfactory management plans, and the capacity of the field partner to provide capable management and protection long term;
  • Buy-in from local communities;
  • Risk of all kinds.

ICFC is able to apply 100% of your donation to land securement.

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