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    Costa Rica: Sea turtles and community education in the Osa Peninsula

In Brief


Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Increase the protection of wild areas and sea turtle populations, conduct environmental education, and promote ecotourism and community participation with sustainable use of natural resources in the Osa Peninsula. 

Conservation Value:

The Osa Peninsula is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, home to half of all species found in Costa Rica — and 2.5% of all species on the planet — in an area just 56 km long and 32 km wide.  


The Osa Peninsula is Costa Rica’s last frontier.  Its isolation and remoteness has helped protect the amazing natural resources of the area. However, that remoteness has also proven to be a huge challenge for those who live in these communities.  Living in poor socioeconomic conditions, the local population exploit their natural surroundings for subsistence.

       The project is providing a safe place for sea turtles to nest.

"Changing lives: The Impact of Environmental Education in Drake Bay" (video).

Actions & Results:

With ICFC's support, in 2018 Fundación Corcovado relocated and protected 81 nests in a sea turtle nursery and released 5,000 sea turtle hatchlings. The Environmental Education Program was brought to 6 schools reaching 155 students in the Drake Bay region. The program provides the only extracurricular activities for these children in this relatively impoverished area. In addition, Fundación Corcovado’s Single-Use Plastic reduction program is providing training and working with 26 local companies to encourage them to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much plastic as possible in the Osa Peninsula. Through these, and other initiatives, Fundación Corcovado continues to provide key benefits to the local communities involved in conservation and sustainable development in the region.

Project Field Partner:

Corcovado Foundation


2020 budget (ICFC portion): US $100,000
Cumulative cost to ICFC (2017-2019): US $338,252

This project is entirely supported by a generous donor to ICFC.

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Children modelling sea turtle eggs (above).

Children displaying signs, asking the community not deposit litter in the river (below).

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