"The only places that will get through the bottleneck of environmental degradation in decent shape are those where individuals and organizations dig in and work in the field for the long term." — Daniel H. Janzen

Ongoing work

ANDEAN AMAZON Minimizing impacts from resource and infrastructure development

ICFC supports a crack team who are working to reduce large-scale impacts on natural ecosystems from oil palm plantations, oil and gas drilling, road construction, hydroelectric dams, and illegal mining, focusing on Peru and Ecuador. The project is also providing better information on illegal logging and illegal mining to catalyze effective action on those fronts.

Amazon Conservation Assoc.
ARGENTINA Preventing Extinction of the Hooded Grebe

The windy, cold, dry and variable weather on the Patagnonian Steppe of Argentina make it one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. Yet it is an environment rich in biodiversity with several endemic, rare and threatened species, including the Critcally Endangered Hooded Grebe. ICFC is partnering with a local organization, Ambiente Sur, and others to address each of the factors adversely affecting this species.

Pablo Hernández
BOLIVIA Management for Blue-throated Macaws at the Barba Azul Nature Reserve

The Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw is found only at the Beni Savanna of Bolivia. ICFC supports land acquisition and management at the Barba Azul Nature Reserve to protect this and many other species such as the Maned Wolf and Giant Anteater.

Joe Tobias, Asociación Armonía
BRAZIL Securing protection for Kayapó Indigenous Territories in the Brazilian Amazon

Global benefits for climate and biodiversity come from our work in enabling the Kayapó indigenous people to protect their officially ratified territories which span an area of twice the size of Nova Scotia in Brazil's southeastern Amazon.

Cristina Mittermeier
COLOMBIA Serranía de Perijá

This project protects one of the most critical high elevation areas still holding montane forest in the Serranía de Perijá mountain range. Land acquired with funds from ICFC, Rainforest Trust, and Global Wildlife Conservation will form the core of a new reserve to protect at-risk Neotropical migrant bird species and other threatened and endemic species.

Rainforest Trust
COSTA RICA Involving local communities in conservation at Area de Conservación Guanacaste

Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) in northwestern Costa Rica protects 163,000 ha of lowland forest, rain forest, cloud forest, and a marine sector. ICFC's Parataxonomist Fund helps train and support local community members as parataxonomists, who both guard the park and contribute to the biological inventory for ACG. We also support an after-school program in marine biology and ecology for children from a neighbouring fishing community.

Dan Janzen
GUATEMALA Laguna Grande Reserve

With our Guatemalan partner, ICFC is supporting the Laguna Grande Reserve to protect an area of lagoons, mangroves, lowland and inundated forests, and karstic mountain forests in Caribbean Guatemala. ICFC provided half the funds needed to create the reserve.

INDONESIA Conservation of Maleos and marine turtles in Tompotika, Sulawesi

This work effectively promotes the conservation of the Endangered Maleo bird, marine turtles and fruit bats in the Tompotika area of Sulawesi, while building a local foundation for conservation in Sulawesi.

MALI Conservation of the desert elephants of Mali

Mali's desert population of elephants has evolved a unique nomadic strategy that includes a migration circuit of 600 km to cope with the widely dispersed and variable food and water resources in the Sahel area of Africa. This project is securing the future of this northern-most elephant population by reducing human-elephant conflict and ensuring continued access for elephants to key habitats. Empowering local communities is the key.

Wild Foundation
PERULos Amigos: building a conservation trust fund

Peru's first conservation concession protects the Los Amigos watershed and 146,000 ha of biodiverse old-growth forest in the Madre de Dios region. It indirectly protects a far greater area of tropical forest and an area with uncontacted indigenous people. Working with the Amazon Conservation Association, ICFC has created a trust fund to endow the salaries of park guards to provide basic protection for this important reserve in perpetuity.

ACA: Gabby Salazar
SOUTH AMERICA ICFC Shorebird Conservation Initiative

Recent decades have seen large declines in the populations of some migratory shorebirds, including the Red Knot and Semipalmated Sandpiper, which breed in Canada's Arctic and winter in South America. This initiative aims to reduce threats to migratory shorebirds at important wintering and stopover sites in the Americas south of the U.S. Our initial projects are in Argentina, Chile, and Suriname, and address human disturbance, habitat loss and illegal hunting.

Luis Benegas


Small projects (ongoing)

ARGENTINA Selva de Pino Paraná: Protecting threatened species
of the Atlantic Forest region in Argentina

This project contributes to conservation efforts that began in 2003, when a small group of researchers and volunteers realized that urgent action was needed to stop the decline of the Endangered Vinaceous Parrot and other species of the highly threatened Atlantic Forest hotspot. ICFC supports tree planting to restore habitat on farms, and educational programs in schools. These and other actions have had measurable success, reversing population declines.

Proyecto Selva de Pino Paraná

Past projects

BOLIVIA Tacana Brazil Nut program: conserving forests through sustainable use

This program is helping the Tacana indigenous people develop a Brazil nut industry, which strengthens their ability to hold and protect their 343,000-hectare ancestral lands, while providing much needed income.

Amazon Conservation Assoc.
BRAZIL Strengthening protection and management of Marine Protected Areas in Abrolhos, Brazil

This project is aimed at consolidating and strengthening the protection and management of the Abrolhos network of marine protected areas, which will serve as a model for improving marine conservation in Brazil and beyond.

Guilherme Dutra, CI-Brazil
ECUADOR Buenaventura reserve

ICFC contributed to the enlargement of a private forest reserve that protects the Critically Endangered El Oro Parakeet and other threatened species.

Fundación Jocotoco

Provision of infrastructure at the Jorupe Reserve

Fundación Jocotoco's Jorupe Reserve consists of 1374 hectares (13 km2) of high quality deciduous forest in the Tumbesian region of southwest Ecuador. It supports many endemic and rare species of plants and animals, including populations of twelve globally threatened birds, such as the Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner. This project entailed building a new house (6 m x 8 m in size) for one of the reserve's forest guards to replace the existing, unsafe living quarters.
Fundación Jocotoco
GUATEMALA Land acquisition: Sierra Caral Cloud Forest

ICFC joined forces with several other conservation organizations to purchase 2298 hectares of the Sierra Caral Cloud Forest in Guatemala. This site is one of the most biodiverse forest remnants in Central America and protects ten endangered and seven endemic amphibian species, along with 120 bird species that breed in North American and winter at Sierra Caral.

Robin Moore / www.robindmoore.com
MADAGASCAR Nature Field Trips for Urban Youths in Madagascar

This small project offered a rare opportunity for young participants in a conservation club in the city of Fort Dauphin to have their first view of lemurs. Such exposure can inspire a lifelong engagement with nature and conservation and influence the future course of conservation in this biodiversity hotspot.

Amber Walker-Bolton
MEXICO Groundwork for expansion of the Sierra de Alamos Reserve in Mexico

This project contributes to Nature and Culture International's effort to increase protection of the Sierra de Alamos Reserve in southern Sonora, Mexico to conserve the rare tropical dry forest ecosystem and its considerable biodiversity as well as to improve management and sustainable use of the resources within the reserve to benefit the local people.

Nature & Culture International
SRI LANKA Conservation and Management of the Morningside cloud forest

This project consisted of ground work in preparation for a biodiversity reserve network consisting of priority cloud forest sites (Morningside and others) in the highlands of southwestern Sri Lanka. This reserve system is being created to protect threatened species, notably amphibians, lizards and freshwater crabs and to provide other environmental benefits.

Conservation International


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