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How much tropical nature will be left in 50 years?
It depends on us.
Join us!We're making a difference.

ICFC conserves nature in the tropics and other priority areas worldwide.  Check out our new video!

Why the tropics?  Biodiversity abounds in the tropics and this is where it is most under threat. Tropical nature benefits the entire world by regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, and supplying fresh water, rainfall, pollinators, and much else.   [>] Read more...

Number of countries ICFC has worked in Land area protected Marine area protected Threatened species known at
ICFC project areas
14 152,183 km2 46,000 km2 over 100


Forest conservation could make huge contribution in countering climate change: study

ICFC and partners announce a new reserve for Guatemala: the Amphibian Conservation Reserve of San Isidro

E.O. Wilson calls for setting aside half the world for nature

Camera trap reveals jaguar, ocelot, puma, tapir white-lipped peccary and more at our Kayapo project area

The human asteroid: Sixth mass extinction underway

Observing deforestation near real time: How a remote-sensing monitoring program is making a difference in Peru

Report card on protected areas worldwide

New staff at ICFC

Video offers window on Kayapo life, deep in the Amazon

Passing of Allan Baker, eminent scientist and shorebird conservationist

Art exhibit of portraits aids Kayapo program

ICFC takes stepss to conserve Canada's shorebirds at their wintering areas

Success in foiling mink boosts Hooded Grebe breeding success.

Protecting the Amazon: Grand Chief Megaron visits Toronto

Susan Canney gives TED talk on Mali elephant project

WILD10: ICFC staff speak at the World Wilderness Congress in Spain

The Economist publishes special report on biodiversity

Kayapo expedition expels illegal goldminers

New maps identify global conservation priorities

Consevationists meet in Ottawa for the BirdLife International World Congress

Mali — Elephant conservation hinders recruitment of young men to armed groups

Peruvian reserve becomes more crucial for "uncontacted indigenous people"

Argentina — Newly declared Patagonia National Park to protect the hooded grebe

Bruce Babbitt addresses ICFC gathering in Toronto

ICFC Project Locations
Red dots: ongoing projects
Green dots: deforestation sites identified in our Andean Amazon prioject
Yellow stars: locations of ICFC staff
Featured projects

Kayapo project, Brazilian Amazon

Mali Elephants

Sierra Santa Cruz land acquisitiion, Guatemala

Preventing Extinction of the Hooded Grebe


Shorebird Conservation Initiative

[>>] All projects

Photo credits: ICFC (top); FUNDAECO (land area and threatened species images); Cristina Mittermeier (marine area image).
"Featured projects" photos, top row: Cristina Mittermeier; Carlton Ward, WILD Foundation; FUNDAECO;
bottom row: Asociación Ambiente Sur, Alliance for Tompotika Conservation, Conservación Marina.

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